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30’s The New 20?

Jay may have said “30’s the new 20, I’m so hot still”, but it is apparent after three days on the mountain and seven years since my last winter season, that 30 is not so much the new 20 when you’re trying to spend all day sliding down mountains.

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Canadian Club

777slotI don’t want to jinx it, but everything has worked out great so far. Our flight number, TS777 was surely an indicator that everything was going to work out well. Lucky Number Slevin and all that.

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Tom Hardy – The Best Actor Alive

Some people might argue otherwise, but since Brad made Mr & Mrs Smith, Leo made Gatsby, De Niro makes comedies only likely to get 5 stars in Time Out and Johnny is now typecast as a camp pirate, Tom Hardy: the man of many accents, takes the crown.

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Time to Jump Off the Cliff

In two weeks’ time I fly to Canada for the next couple of years. My resignation 10 weeks ago from my three and half year career will finally come into action, spelling an end to my time in London. I’ll be on a plane to Canada to start a new life, with probably less grime music,  but more snow and bears.

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Boxers Have Hearts Too

I just read an annoying article (in the Guardian no less), implying that all boxers are mindless thugs, and thus Tyson Fury’s inflammatory comments are to be expected. I realised this is what my family probably also thought when I told them I had started boxing. In my experience this couldn’t be further from the truth.

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What Would Happen if the UK Actually Legalised Cannabis?

As Canada’s newly elected government plans to legalise cannabis, the UK starts to look ever more backwards for not having done already. But what would actually happen if they did?

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Cycling – Do you Really Need a Helmet?

Some people swear by them, others don’t bother. But how much safer are you with a helmet? And how dangerous is cycling? I’ve done the research and you might be surprised…

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Watching Football Live – What’s the Point?

After attending I think seven professional football matches in my 30 years, I have come to a realisation: there’s no point.

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Kelela – Hallucinogen EP

I wanted to write about new albums every week, but all that I had available was Roots Manuva’s new album Bleeds, which Ed had said was the best album of the year. I don’t like the production on Bleeds, it’s annoying to listen to. So many grating samples and tracks clearly made for 6Music. So I’m reviewing Kelela’s (quite) new EP: Hallucinogen instead. It’s much better.

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There’s a New Track out by the Grime Scene’s Lukaku

It’s not very good.

The Best Restaurant in London

No. Contrary to what my friends and I first though when we moved to London, Tuk Tuk is not the best restaurant in London. But, if you want cheap tasty food in Soho with good people watching, it’s way up there

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Some Sound Dietary Advice

The Guardian recently published a new article on diet which reminded me that I have better advice for anyone trying to decide between that new Paleo diet, or that old Atkins diet, or whether they should really go vegan or if they are intolerant to wheat and dairy. Continue reading “Some Sound Dietary Advice”

P Money Drops Off Some Fresh Bars

Everyone’s favourite MC most likely to rhyme the same word for an entire 16 is finally back with new bars.

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MED, Blu & Madlib – Bad Neighbor

Three of Stones Throw’s finest have released a collaboration album! Maybe I was sleeping, but I had no idea this was on the cards. Blu: your favourite underground rapper’s favourite underground rapper, MED who released the solid Push Comes to Shove album a few years ago, and Madlib: Dilla’s BFF and hands down one of the best producers in the last fifteen years and producer of two of my favourite albums of all time: JayLib – Champion Sound and Madvillain – Madvillainy. This was something to get excited about.

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Luck vs Skill in Fighting (Rousey Loses her UFC Title)

Last night Ronda Rousey lost her UFC bantamweight title to the American challenger Holly Holm (alliterative names are the best aren’t they?). To say this was surprising is somewhat of an understatement, considering she was probably the most well known UFC fighter in history; the driving force behind UFC becoming more embedded in mainstream consciousness. This reminded me of something I had always thought about UFC: that luck perhaps plays too large a part in success.

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Art as a Form of Expression is Mental

I went to this live art event last night courtesy of an invite from my house mate Ed.

Kid Acne IllustrationWhile watching paint dry in real time doesn’t necessarily sound like the most exciting event, it was accompanied by some pretty banging tunes to try to ramp up the vibe. Even so, watching people create what was some pretty cool art stuff, what struck me was the thought behind what they were creating.

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Chase & Status Jump on the Grime Bandwagon with Frisco (it’s not bad)

It was bound to happen sooner or later. All the D&B producers -who were producing in a genre that hasn’t really had anything good dropping since Zinc switched to producing house- have started making grime tracks.

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Red Bull/Kriss Kyle just dropped this new video Kaleidoscope. It’s super trippy, got some lines I’ve certainly not seen before, and is definitely worth a watch for the filming alone!

First Post (quitting London)

I quit my job the other day! What a treat. It was especially rewarding as I had been promised a promotion a month earlier, which my boss never got round to actually arranging, so technically it’s all his fault.

I’m headed to Canada, BC in January with GC and DC (strong crew) to go to Revelstoke, which features in about half this video, so watch it… But also, Jake’s a ripper (I tried to chat up his girlfriend once in Tahoe by accident), and Devun Walsh does the whole talking head bit in this video which is always great cos he’s got this weird high pitched croaky voice which is the result of some unlikely snowmobile accident

Only Two Plates at the Buffet?

I arranged to met my boy Emil after work last week. It turns out he’s given up on the alcohol, as he seems to intermittently do between partying heavily. As eating or drinking seems to be the only activities available in winter in London, we settled on cheap food and a potential smoothie

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