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Canadian Club

777slotI don’t want to jinx it, but everything has worked out great so far. Our flight number, TS777 was surely an indicator that everything was going to work out well. Lucky Number Slevin and all that.

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The Best Restaurant in London

No. Contrary to what my friends and I first though when we moved to London, Tuk Tuk is not the best restaurant in London. But, if you want cheap tasty food in Soho with good people watching, it’s way up there

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Some Sound Dietary Advice

The Guardian recently published a new article on diet which reminded me that I have better advice for anyone trying to decide between that new Paleo diet, or that old Atkins diet, or whether they should really go vegan or if they are intolerant to wheat and dairy. Continue reading “Some Sound Dietary Advice”

Only Two Plates at the Buffet?

I arranged to met my boy Emil after work last week. It turns out he’s given up on the alcohol, as he seems to intermittently do between partying heavily. As eating or drinking seems to be the only activities available in winter in London, we settled on cheap food and a potential smoothie

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