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30’s The New 20?

Jay may have said “30’s the new 20, I’m so hot still”, but it is apparent after three days on the mountain and seven years since my last winter season, that 30 is not so much the new 20 when you’re trying to spend all day sliding down mountains.

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Time to Jump Off the Cliff

In two weeks’ time I fly to Canada for the next couple of years. My resignation 10 weeks ago from my three and half year career will finally come into action, spelling an end to my time in London. I’ll be on a plane to Canada to start a new life, with probably less grime music,  but more snow and bears.

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Cycling – Do you Really Need a Helmet?

Some people swear by them, others don’t bother. But how much safer are you with a helmet? And how dangerous is cycling? I’ve done the research and you might be surprised…

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Art as a Form of Expression is Mental

I went to this live art event last night courtesy of an invite from my house mate Ed.

Kid Acne IllustrationWhile watching paint dry in real time doesn’t necessarily sound like the most exciting event, it was accompanied by some pretty banging tunes to try to ramp up the vibe. Even so, watching people create what was some pretty cool art stuff, what struck me was the thought behind what they were creating.

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